Taal: Nederlands Language: English (active) Sprache: Deutsch

AREA 077: unique Airsoft location and events in Venlo (Noord-Limburg)

Game time: 180 minuten
€ 35,00 per person
Participants: max. 2

Are you a bit ready with all those tough heroic stories, then take revenge and let him or her show what he / she is worth in practice and give an airsoft experience as a gift.

Date and time can be chosen by the lucky person, if he / she is mentally ready.

The lucky person is provided with a full face mask, a tactical vest and a replica of a G36C assault rifle including 2 warehouses of approximately 350 bb's (ammo).

After an instruction and the start signal there is no turning back.

It is kill or be killed .....

(not really of course, it remains a game, but the tension is no less)

PAY ATTENTION !!! Airsoft is only for 18+, this is regulated by law, we cannot change that.

The airsoft experience can only be cashed in on weekends.