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Häufig gestellte Fragen / FAQ

At what age are you allowed to play Airsoft?

At Area 077 you can play airsoft when you are 10 years and older. The “real” (1.2 joule max) replicas are reserved for 18 years or older. For ages 10 to 18 years, we use lighter (0.08 joule) replicas.

We want to come with a group, but 1 person is not yet 18.

In that case, the entire group will have to play with lighter weapons of 0.08 joule. Otherwise, people under 18 cannot participate. We make no exceptions.

Is airsoft dangerous?

Airsoft is not dangerous. You can feel when a bb hits you. A small red spot is possible, but serious injuries are excluded. Wearing a full face mask is mandatory on the playing field.

Is there supervision during the game?

Yes, there is always a "marshall" present who monitors the game and intervenes in case of irregularities.

How is safety arranged?

Loaded replicas are only permitted on the playing field, where face protection is mandatory. Every event starts with a safety briefing and game explanation. Rental weapons must remain on the playing field at all times.

What type of clothes can I wear best?

Clothing that fits comfortably and does not interfere with your movement and a pair of sturdy shoes. Airsoft is a top sport, so too much or to warm clothing isn't recommended. It is easily too hot.

We are with a group of 9 people, can we still make a group booking?

That is possible, but you will have to pay for 10 people.

We want to make a group booking, but don't know for sure if everybody can attend.

From 10 people a group booking can be made and the time block is reserved for your group. If extra people are added, no problem, you can pay with a debit card on location. Of course, we would like to know in advance how large the group is expected to be.

I want to bring a guest, is that possible?

Yes, that's possible. It is best to book a guest at the same time as your own booking and fill in the text “guest” instead of the NABV number. You can take a maximum of two guests. You also need to register the guest on the NABV site. You can do this by finding the event that you want to attend, and there you can register the guest(s). Bear in mind that you are responsible for the behaviour of your guests.

How do I get a “friends pass”?

A “friends pass” is not a physical pass; it’s a registration in our system. At our location, you fill in the registration form and make the payment. We will then register you as a friend in our system, and you can book the next friendly fire evening for free.

I don't have a “friends pass” yet but would like to visit a friendly fire evening?

You can always book for a friendly fire evening. If you are not yet registered as a friend, you can become one on the evening itself. These evenings are only intended for NABV members.

I can only book 1 Friendly Fire evening?

That's right. You can only have 1 booking open for these evenings at a time. That way everyone gets the chance to participate. So it can happen that the evening is fully booked.


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