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Airsoft Activities

Airsoft is een "Real Life Shooter Game"


Airsoft "the experience"

There I am. The teams are made. I just had a safety briefing and fired some shots with my airsoft replica (a copy of a firearm that fired biodegradable balls of 6mm caliber). Damn, those things are going really hard. Would it hurt if I get hit? Hundreds of thoughts pass through my mind.

Then the time has come .... my team takes up position ...... the mission is clear ..... the plans are forged ..... the starting signal sounds ...... everyone is drifting away knowing what to do ...... I do not ...... I remain tense ...... numb as if I am a spectator ...... what happens here ..... slowly reality comes back .... sounds are starting to come in again ...... I realize that danger can be found around every corner ..... and that they will hit me if I don't pay attention ..... I don't know more what I have to do ...... shivers run down my back ...... the adrenaline starts flowing through my veins ...... my limbs obey again ...... I come in movement ..... I hear BB's bounce off the wall next to me ...... I am spotted and under fire ..... a teammate pulls me behind a coffin ..... I realize that he is saved my "life" ...... it is a "Real Life Shooter Game" ..... I have forgotten that it is a game ..... this is now my reality ..... I experience airsoft​.


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AREA 077 Airsoft location

Baarlosestraat 325
5925 PM Venlo

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Every Tuesday evening we are open from 7 pm to 10 pm for:

  • Information about airsoft and events
  • Bar open (1st coffee free)
  • Shop open
  • Friendly Fire Event
  • Rookie Try Out
  • Adjust replicas

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