Taal: Nederlands Language: English (active) Sprache: Deutsch

AREA 077: unique Airsoft location and events in Venlo (Noord-Limburg)

Game time: 360 minuten
€ 29,50 per person
Participants: max. 30

For these events, anyone aged 18 or older can register individually. (rental kits available)


An open skirm is the most common airsoft gameplay and gives the ultimate airsoft experience.

You play in team band. Equivalent teams are made of the participants present, who compete against each other. Within a team, everyone takes the role that suits them best, but working together is the key to success.

Different game variants and missions are played. Due to individual actions and different team tactics, the gameplay is unpredictable and never the same. Winning or losing is not important. You step into another world called airsoft.

The whistle sounds ... the game is on ..... adrenaline starts flowing through your veins ..... you are nowhere safe ..... are you the hunter or the prey?